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Current Projects

Shelly Road Roundabout

As part of a regional study, PennDOT selected the intersection of Old Skippack Pike, Schwenksville Road and Shelly Road to install a federally-funded roundabout in order to reduce the rates of angle and head-on crashes. Thanks to the new intersection design with fewer conflict points and no crossing conflicts, the roundabout at this intersection is estimated to reduce crashes by about 80%!


Update 7/13/23: The Township was notified by the PennDOT representative that the Roundabout is now open for the public’s use.
-The idea of a mound is to encourage people to slow down, look left and if no traffic is approaching slowly enter the circle. If there is traffic, then YIELD until it is safe to enter.
-The lighting is temporary until the proper fixtures are available. There were supply chain issues with the original fixtures, but in order to open the roundabout they put up these temporary fixtures. We do not know when the correct fixtures will be in.
If you have any concerns, you should contact PennDOT Engineering District 6
7000 Geerdes Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 610-205-6700.
Please fill out the form @CCC Home Page (
For more information about Roundabouts design go to: Roundabouts: An Informational Guide – Second Edition | The National Academies Press
Unfortunately, the permanent lights are still delayed due to a global supply chain issue. No time frame has been given.

Sumneytown Pike (PennDOT Project)

The Sumneytown Pike Project is a big undertaking that will involve three intersections in Upper Salford Township. After our State Rep spoke with staff at PennDOT, the following information is able to be shared about the proposed project:

• The intersection of Route 63 (Sumneytown Pike) and Barndt Road will add left turn lanes on Route 63.
• The intersection of Route 63 and Ridge Road will add left turn lanes on Route 63 and align the offset side roads of Ridge Road and Old Skippack Road to create a more traditional four-legged intersection.
• Lighting will be installed at the intersection of Ridge Road and Barndt Road.

The current projected opening for construction bids is summer 2025, with construction expected to start later that same summer.

As our office receives more information and/or updates, they will be shared on our website.

Barndt Road Traffic Signal (PennDOT Project) as of 10/2020

A new traffic signal has been installed at the intersection of S.R. 0063 (Sumneytown Pike) and S.R. 1056 (Barndt Road), including new traffic signal structures (mast arms), LED signal heads, and vehicular video and radar detection to facilitate the actuated operation, and a widening of S.R. 0063 (Sumneytown Pike) to provide wide shoulders at the intersection.

Park to Perkiomen Trail Connector

This new 1.3 mile trail will be a paved connector between Upper Salford Park and the Perkiomen Trail. It will run along the edge of a working farm, traverse beautiful preserved woodlands, cross a creek that is a tributary to the Perkiomen, and navigate along the bottom of scenic Spring Mountain.

Grants received for conserving 42 acres of woodlands

  • MontCo 2040, 2016: $95,375
  • DCNR C2P2, 2016: $95,375

Grants received for trail easements, trail design and construction

  • PECO, 2016 & 2018: $17,500
  • MontCo 2040, 2017: $45,000
  • DCED/CFA, 2016: $217,600
  • DVRPC, 2019: $175,000
  • DCNR, 2020: $308,200
  • MontCo 2040, 2021: $150,000
  • MontCo 2040, 2022: $100,000

Total grant funding received so far: $1,204,050

UPDATE as of 1/4/2021: The Park to Perkiomen Trail Project, Phase 1, has been awarded to G & B Construction Group Inc., from Willow Grove, PA. They are the lowest, responsible bidder.  Total awarded bid amount = $553,883.00.  Anticipated start date is May 1, 2021.  Less a change order of $28,000 (removed fence from contract) bringing the project total to $525,883.

UPDATE as of 1/3/2022: The Park to Perkiomen Trail Project, Phase 2, has been awarded to G & B Construction Group Inc as a Change Order in the amount of $521,150.00.  The new contract sum, including this change order, is $1,047,033.00. 

UPDATE as of 7/13/2022: The Park to Perkiomen Trail is now OPEN to the public.  Just a few minor items to take care of.

Township Purchase of Wolford Road Lot

Upper Salford Township is pleased to have been able to purchase the 13.35-acre Wolford Road Lot property from the Philadelphia Folksong Society in March 2020 with the help of grant funds from the Montgomery County Open Space Program. Under Township ownership, the parcel will be protected from development and the existing walking path will continue to be a part of the Upper Salford Park trail system. Farming on the parcel will continue and parking will be allowed during the Folk Festival each year. As you can see on the map, the trails on this property and the adjacent Upper Salford Park will eventually connect to Spring Mountain and beyond to the Perkiomen Trail. This property fills in an important puzzle piece for connecting all of our beautiful trails and open space together.

Montgomery County Open Space Funds: $120,000
Upper Salford Township: $120,000
Purchase Price: $240,000