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Tax Collections

Elected Tax Collector

Lori Smith collects local, county and school real estate taxes, per capita tax and, if applicable, light taxes for the residents of Upper Salford Township. Her office is located in her home at 2037 Quarry Road in Salford, Pennsylvania. She can be reached at (610) 287-0440 to answer questions or via email at Her office hours vary depending on the tax season. Payments can be mailed directly to Mrs. Lori Smith at P.O. Box 85, Salford, PA 18957.

Earned Income Tax Collector

Earned income taxes are collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator. They can be reached at (215) 257-4190. Their website is Berkheimer also collects the delinquent per capita tax for Upper Salford residents.

Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collector

Delinquent real estate taxes, previously collected by Northeast Revenue, are now being handled by the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office.

Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau
P.O. Box 190
Norristown, PA 19404
(610) 278-1216