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Open Space

Orchard Park

Perkiomenville Road

Orchard Park is Preserved Open Space, not a Township Park and not open to the public.

No park amenities.

Salfordville Park

Salfordville Park is located at the corner of Old Skippack and Bergey Roads. It was purchased in 2009 and provides 42.5 acres of open space. The park is currently maintained as a farmed cornfield in keeping with the agricultural heritage of the township.

No park amenities at this time.

Rogers-Hiester Open Space

After 30 years of effort, the 78-acre Rogers-Hiester property was permanently preserved in 2012. The preservation was a result of extensive efforts by the Montgomery County Lands Trust, Upper Salford Township and a ground swell of community supporters. As a result, 75 acres of the property, situated on Route 63 at the confluence of the Unami and Ridge Valley creeks, is now owned by Upper Salford Township and protected by a conservation easement held by Montgomery County Lands Trust.

No park amenities at this time.

Return on Environment

Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC), in conjunction with Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) with assistance from various committees and surrounding communities, prepared a report named Return on Environment: The Economic Impact of Protected Open Space In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  There is an article authored by Supervisor Ted Poatsy about the success of the Spring Mountain Conservation Area which can be found on pages 52 and 53 of the report.