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Perkiomen Valley Library

Please be aware that as of January 1, 2015, all Upper Salford Township residents who would like to utilize a public library must obtain a library card from the Perkiomen Valley Public Library located at 290 Second Street in Schwenksville, as that is our new “home” library. Once you obtain a new library card, you can use it at any public library in Pennsylvania including the Indian Valley Public Library, however, some services will only be available to our residents at one of the Montgomery County libraries. These services include Mango languages and eBooks, although we think you’ll be pleased with the large selection available through the Montgomery County Library system.

The Upper Salford Supervisors are committed to holding the line on taxes and chose not to double the annual $35,500 contribution to the Indian Valley Public Library, which would have required a tax increase. At NO time did the Upper Salford Board of Supervisors plan to withdraw the $35,500 funding, however, without increasing the township’s annual library contribution to $71,000, the Indian Valley Public Library Board of Trustees chose to no longer allow Upper Salford Township to remain a participating municipality. In lieu of funding the Indian Valley Public Library in 2015, the Township will be contributing $16,000 to the Perkiomen Valley Library. Now your home library will be closer, offer the same services and you can still use the Indian Valley Public Library with your new Montgomery County Library card if you choose.

Blank applications to the Perkiomen Valley/Montgomery County Library are available at the Upper Salford Township office or through this link, however, they must be taken to one of the Montgomery County Libraries to register. Registration is also available through the Bookmobile.

The Perkiomen Valley Library is happy to welcome our residents and has prepared packages to familiarize everyone with their many services. If you would like to contact the Perkiomen Valley Library, their number is (610) 287-8360. Information is also available on their website, Perkiomen Valley Library.

The Upper Salford Township Board of Supervisors appreciates the kind words of support that have been coming in, acknowledging their efforts to avoid a tax increase and for holding the current tax rate for 11 years. All residents should know that they have the option to continue to support the Indian Valley Public Library through private donations should they choose to do so as we agree it is a wonderful library, however, the Board is not going to make that decision for you through a tax increase. Donations will also be gladly accepted at the Perkiomen Valley Library, which is another wonderful library, and that will allow them to offer even more services to our residents.

For more information on events, visit Perkiomen Valley Library.